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This is a driver-library for displays with T6963c controllers. Note that this library does not implement high level functions like drawing circles or rectangles.


  • main.c -> Sample
  • T6963c.c -> Library source file
  • T6963c.h -> Library header file
  • CharGen -> Excel sheet for creating custom chars


The Library itself is located in the files T6963c.h and T6963c.c. The header-file (.h) has to be included by another source-file (.c) and T6963c.c has to be included within the makefile respectively the project.

The base-functions of the library are marked as inline, which will speed up the library. But in case you want to save some ROM space, you can simply change

  1. static inline __attribute((always_inline))__


  1. static


The delay-functions within the library are fixed to a master-clock of 20MHz (for Mega644 for example). They are utilized by 1-3 NOP instructions. If the mikrocontroller's clock source is lower than the 20MHz, you can safely remove some of the NOP instructions.

The pinout, memory mapping and size of the display can be configured in T6963c.h.

If you want to convert images to C-arrays, you can use the tool bmp2c made by Holger Klabunde (use Google).

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