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How do you change the configuration of the socket-LEDs

Take a look at the file Hardware/Enc28j60.h. You will find two #defines there (ENC28J60_LEDA, ENC28J60_LEDB) each one taking an initialization word for the LEDs. You can find the meaning of this word by reading the LED-section in the ENC28J60 datasheet. In case you just want to swap the LED-functions, just swap the two values and you will be fine.

Who do I ask in case of problems?

Look at the mikrocontroller.net-Forum. Although it's a German forum, you can also post there on english since there are a few english speaking people (including me ;)). You can also send me an EMail or something like that (See Wiki:General disclaimer).

What about modifications regarding the stack application?

You can freely modify the existing application. But you can also add other applications to the stack. Unfortunately there isn't so much space left in the Program-space which will make it hard to add a useful second application.

What input voltages are suitable for the MicroWebServer?

The used LM1117 needs at least 4.4V to generate the necessary 3.3V used in the circuit. The maximum input voltage is about 7V, mainly dependent on how much current you will draw on the 3.3V line.

How much current does the MicroWebServer draw?

It needs about 150mA, where most of this current is drawn by the ENC28J60 and the transformers connected to it. Since the ENC28J60 does also send current through those transformers, the current is not dependent on any send/receive activity.

My ENC28J60 gets pretty hot, is there something to worry about?

No, there is nothing to worry about. At least if you don't get hurt while checking it's temperature. It's just usual that the chip can get hot, since there is current flowing through the Ethernet-transformer and therefore flowing through the ENC28J60.

Is there any reason you are advertising the IT-WNS Shop?

No there is no specific reason, at least no financial one. Just that I don't have to care about people asking me about circuit-boards or parts, because IT-WNS is providing them.

What ethernet-jacks can be used together with the MicroWebServer

The board was originally designed to use it with the Magjack SI-60024-F. But there is a layout-alternative for using the HALO HFJ11-2450E-L12 and ERNI Modular Jack M3D01-203199. Thanks go to Thomas Heldt for this layout.

What do I have to pay attention to when using an ATmega328/P processor?

First of all the code has to be recompiled using the ATmega328/P as target processor.

It could be that there are problems with the PBx defines while compiling the code, because of a header file bug in the current version of the avr-libc. This problem is going to be solved in a next version of the avr-libc.

A workaround is to rename the defines. For example PB3 would be renamed to PINB3.

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